International  Calligraphy and Ink Painting  Association

本部・事務局 東京都台東区台東2-19-10 木村屋ビル4A
 head office・secretariat 4A the Kimuraya bldg.2-19-10 Taitou Taitou-Ku,Tokyo,1100−0016,Japan
電 話 03(3837)4445 FAX 03(3837)4447 110-0016


  • 國際書画連盟は2001年6月に日本書画振興協会と東京都書道連盟の統合により

    The International Calligraphy and Ink Painting Association was founded in June 2001, integrated by two federations of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Calligraphy Art and the Tokyo-to Calligraphy Federation.

  • 書と水墨画の交流と振興を趣旨として活動し、新しい時代の精華一墨の芸術を探求します。

     We work to develop the exchange and promotion of Japanese calligraphy and suiboku-ga (Japanese monochrome ink painting) to pursue the quintessence of the art of sumi (India ink) of new age.
  • 既成の概念にとらわれない新しい組織活動を模索します。展覧会においても

     We search for new organizational activity that does not bound by stereotypes. At exhibitions, we evaluate and exhibit with our philosophy of seeing calligraphic work and painting as one, which does not separate calligraphy and suiboku-ga from each other.



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